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I’ve been writing my blog for nearly two years now. My aim is and has alway been to raise understanding of autism and to offer advice and support to families going through a similar journey.

I am still writing regular blog posts but now I have also decided to launch an online shop selling sensory toys and equipment, alongside other products that I think help to make life a little easier.

When autistic children become dysregulated then they need something sensory to help them become calmer and regulate their emotionS. My shop sells a variety of things that can help with this.

1. Sensory Tent

  1. A dark sensory tent

This can either be kept empty or filled with some sensory toys and lighting.

Dark sensory that helps with self regulation.

2. Weighted Shoulder Pad

2. A Weighted Shoulder Pad

This fun, brightly coloured snake can also help children to self-regulate. Quite often, autistic children like the sensation of weight on their shoulders and neck to calm them.

Weighted Shoulder Pad

3. Starry Night Projector

3. Starry Night light Projector.

Watching the beautiful starry night sky drift across the room can help children to self regulate.

Starry Night Projection Light

4. Yoga Ball

4. Yoga Ball

There are multiple ways that a yoga ball can be used to help with self regulation. For example, sitting and bouncing or lying across and rolling back and forth.

Yoga Ball

Or your child might have difficulty sitting still and focusing in school so the following items may help or may have been recommended by an Occupational Therapist. **Disclaimer** I am not an Occupational Therapist so you may prefer to wait for official advice concerning the individual needs of your child. However, the following are items that have been suggested for autistic children that I have taught in schools.

5. Wobble Cushion

  1. Wobble Cushion

This can be used to sit on and may provide enough sensory input for your child to stay in their seat longer.

Wobble cushion

6. Multi function mini fidget pad.

2. Multi function fidget pad

Sometimes autistic children find it easier to concentrate when they have something to do with their hands. This mini fidget pad can be held in one hand.

Multi function fidget pad

7. Resistance Bands

3. Resistance Bands

Some autistic children find that by having resistance bands on their ankles when sat in a seat can help them to concentrate.

Resistance Bands

8. Squidgy Stress Relief Toy

4. Squidgy Stress Relief toy

Some autistic children struggle with anxiety, particularly when in the classroom environment, so a simple squidgy stress relief toy can help.

Squidgy Stress Relief toys

These are just a few of the products on sale in my shop. If there is anything else that you require then let me know and I will see if I can source it for you.

As always, every autistic child has different needs and what may Work with with one child may not work with another.

‘If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.’ – Dr Stephen Shore

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  1. Well done. So pleased for you. All of those items are very useful. We have the ball, it’s super handy. Such a good idea and I am sure you will reach and help lots of parents #parentpower

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